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Dealing with delays in reviewing and approving documents.

delays in reviewing and approving documents

It has happened to the best of us, and multiple times you find yourself in a frenzy trying to make sure that your Quality Management System documents are up to date.

How many times have you had a document ready to publish, but the person responsible for approving it was unavailable? Or maybe they were available, but you had to continuously remind them to sign the document?

Or how about when you review a document that needs to be modified and the same error recurs again and again? Or maybe you have an upcoming audit, and more than 50 different documents each have to be signed by a different person. Meanwhile, an approval signature depends on a previous revision. If any of this sounds familiar to you, this article will explain what you can do to better manage your QMS documents.

Business owners, managers and CEOs often do not want to pay for software to manage issues related to quality control. These programs can be quite pricey, so instead they opt to hire multiple people to perform the tasks required. But what managers don’t understand is that there is very cost-effective software available. This is where GENEBRA comes in. GENEBRA takes care of document management, so that more time can be spent improving efficiency of workplace processes, reducing costs and resulting in greater profit to the company.

Small tasks can be the most time-consuming. If you do not improve the efficiency of these tasks, you will lose money.

GENEBRA will automatically alert you about document changes and deadline expiration dates. Once reviewed and approved by the responsible parties, (known as consensus) the document is immediately published, and automatically alerts all of the collaborators who need to be informed of the changes made to the document.

When you prepare a document, you can select who will do the review and who will approve it. The rest is taken care of by GENEBRA, which will automatically notify those responsible for their pending tasks.

People in charge

Anyone who has a pending task will be notified of this via email. Their home screen will also show all of the outstanding tasks.

You can try Genebra for one month, completely free, without having to talk to a vendor.

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