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Best Tips for Document Management in a QMS and comply with ISO 9001:2015
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delays in reviewing and approving documents
Dealing with delays in reviewing and approving documents.
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Why quality people still suffer with document review control

Project Coordinator Felipe Setlik and Marketing specialist Ana Carolina Joska

Project Coordinator Felipe Setlik and Marketing specialist Ana Carolina Joska

High cost of software and lack of attention of the board are the biggest justifications, but there are people who have overcome this problem.

A very low cost application (cheaper than a cup of coffee) has emerged as affordable alternative.

According to project coordinator, Felipe Setlik, the tactic was to take advantage of software, which is already the market leader, with more than 45 thousand active users, and reduce the price to the maximum by removing all costs with sales and training team, besides simplifying the tool to reduce cost with support and deployment.

Lowest prices

With the changes, the Genebra application starts using the same business model as Netflix, Spotify or Deezer, with very low cost and greater benefits, as well as a free 30-day trial, without having to register or talk to vendors.

The new tool focuses on 3 main points:

  1. Automate document control, so that the entire company uses only the current version of the procedures. Updates are automatically published and distributed, and important people are also alerted by the system.
  2. Automate deadlines so that the quality manager does not have to spend the day reminding colleagues in each industry that they need to update their documents. The system sends out automatic reminders to anyone who needs to draft, approve, and consult a procedure and even when the deadline of the document is expiring.
  3. Lists automatically created, such as Master Document List, responsible list, deadline list. With the system, everything is automatically generated in real time. This reduces the cost of labor and drastically reduces the chances of human failure.

With the system deployed, quality managers spend less time updating worksheets and more time dealing with management care.

The first users are the most benefited, as they are used as a reference for the development team to decide which improvements should be implemented first.

Limited Opportunity

During a limited period, those who enter the paid version of the Genebra App will receive an interesting prize: priority and digital access to the book “ISO 9001 for Audites”, with comments from a recognized quality auditor, working in companies in Africa and Latin America for all items of the standard.

The English version of the book has not yet been officially published, so the only form of access currently is as a reward for purchasing the app, which can be made through the page: genebraquality.com, until june 7th (next friday). The promotion is valid even for the most basic plan, for just $10.

You got any questions? Use the comments below to talk with us.

Victoria Pollock
Victoria Pollock
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