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Did you ever find the right definition for quality?

Well, I would say I’m yet to find a suitable definition for it. I am sure you are asking yourself how quality is defined in books worldwide.

Think about this: how long you want a shoe to last? How do you want to have the right quantity of fries? How you want your suitable future/present partner to be? How long do you want your newest favorite hair style to never wear out? How do you want your new garment to stay new?

How suitable can quality be defined to perfectly fit all life situations?

I believe this is where continuous improvement comes in, because we are always expecting the best. We never want an end to having the best. This enables entities realize there’s no end when it comes to quality. Quality inspires you to make a better tomorrow.

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Emmily Asava

A Quality Management professional,with a Diploma in Total Quality Management from The Kenya Institute of Management ,Certified Internal Quality / ISO Auditor from the National Quality Institute and The Kenya Bureau of Standards and a Bachelors in Business Management and Leadership from The Management University of Africa.

September 18, 2019

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