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New ISO survey brings up controversy

Every year, ISO publishes a survey regarding the number of certifications issued worldwide.

The survey is usually released in mid-September, with the data from the previous year. In other words, in the midst of the “big data” and industry 4.0 discussion, for ISO to know how many certificates are issued each year, it takes a long time, and they ended up leaving some things out of the survey arguing that the survey participants used different counting methods, which some did not want to participate, among other topics presented in PDF along with the result.

This year, in addition to reporting problems in the survey, ISO also does not provide a direct comparison between 2018 and previous years and they also announced a change in the methodology for data collection on certified “sites,” besides the traditional count by issued certificates. Coincidental or not, the new count does not allow comparison with previous years and is considerably larger than the traditional count.

To conclude, we again see a global drop in the number of certificates issued. More than that, it’s the biggest percentage drop in history, as the Oxebridge chart shows below:

Soon, we will bring here some expert considerations on disclosure. What is your opinion about this result?

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September 16, 2019

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