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The true cost of QMS done in Excel

We performed a study with one of our logistics customers, where we were able to measure the true cost of quality management done in spreadsheets.

Considering that this type of management requires a series of repetitive actions, by tracking the cost of these manual activities we can find out whether or not it is worth it to spend money with automation.

For document management alone, the professional we studied spent an average of 340.8 hours a year to perform four manual activities. With automation these tasks were eliminated, resulting in savings of 8 working weeks.

Considering the global average salary of 35.000 dollars a year, the number of hours spent for these activities alone represents an annual cost of USD 6.679,7. On the other hand, the annual cost to use Genebra Quality software is around USD 396, representing a USD 6.283,7 savings for the company.

Check the complete results in the graph below:

Here is a graph comparing the cost of QMS done in spreadsheets and done with a software.

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But won’t I have to pay the salary plus the software?

Yes, but if today you pay 12 months to perform all activities, with Genebra Quality the same tasks can be accomplished in 10 months.

What about the other 2 months? 

You can take advantage of this free time to do all the activities you cannot do today due to lack of time. It’s an extra 2 months for the same cost.


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Fernanda Melo
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