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Lapostolle Wines case of success

Lapostolle winery

Lapostolle winery

Lapostolle Wines winery is located in the town of Cunaco, next to Santa Cruz, in Chile. It is at the original cellar where Lapostolle was founded in 1994 that the  Lapostolle and Borobo wines are currently produced.

The winery has a traditional style of a Chilean farm; it has a production capacity of 3.300.000 liters in stainless steel and French oak tanks, and more than 3.500 French oak barrels.

Lapostolle Wines is recognized around the world for its quality and extraordinary ability to express Chile’s terroir.

With 370 hectares divided into three different vineyards (in the Casablanca, Cachapoal and Colchagua valleys) and producing a total of 200.000 boxes a year, Lapostolle wines are distributed in more than 60 countries.

In order to provide a simple and effective solution to manage their business, Lapostolle Wines has successfully implemented some of Genebra’s modules. The Documents module for managing documented information and the Nonconformities module for managing non conformances.

Genebra’s Documents was developed to simplify the management of quality documents, facilitating the creation, review and approval of documents. The app is easy to access, with print control, user permission, and email notifications regarding file changes and validity.

Furthermore, Genebra’s Nonconformities is there to assist in the treatment of non-conformances, helping the company to identify the root causes using the 5 Whys and Ishikawa methods. The platform also helps in the development of action plans to solve problems, find opportunities for improvement and to develop strategic plans.

Tasks related to cause analysis, treatment and effectiveness of nonconformities are sent to those responsible by email. Monitoring is constant and in real time.

The software molds into the procedures established by the company for the treatment of incidents and corrective actions.

According to Miriam Galaz, one of the managers for quality and sustainability at Lapostolle: “the biggest difficulties were with how slow it was to access our documents, all the errors that happened when manually working with files besides the difficulty identifying and treatment of non-conformities.”

Document management

By having all the information in a single platform and available online, the control of documented information by the Lapostolle Wines team has been significantly improved.

Due to the correct use of current documents, the team reduced the number of times they had to re-do their work, eliminating the unintended use of obsolete documents.

Non-conformities management

The dynamics to address non-conformities have significantly improved,  allowing for a better cause analysis with the integrated tools facilitating, then, the monitoring of the effectiveness of the actions performed.

Results obtained:

• Efficient document management;
• Team committed to quality;
• Effectiveness in the treatment of non-conformities;
• Improvements in internal communication.

What makes Genebra different:

• Simplicity of use;
• Minimize deviations;
• Reduces management costs;
• 100% Online;
• Unlimited support at no cost.

Fernanda Melo
Fernanda Melo
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