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The results obtained by companies with a quality management software

Quality Management Software

Quality management is an not easy thing to do. It is necessary to take into account all management of internal processes, and the delivery of products and services of your business. As there are many variables, it is essential to have a tool that centralizes this control, in order to optimize all results. That’s where a quality management software comes in. These systems aim to improve the processes and, consequently, the results of the company.

Is this something that interests you? Here we have some results that companies have achieved with softwares like this.

What is a good quality management software?

A good software makes it possible to integrate company data such as documents, key performance indicators, and nonconformities in a way to facilitate management as a whole.

By combining all these data, the company can assess its current situation, identify flaws in processes and correct them, in addition to allowing the planning of activities, and supporting continuous improvement actions.

But why invest in a software?

The adoption of a quality management software allows the company to have a more comprehensive overlook at its activities, which helps to reduce losses – both in materials and resources – optimize processes and increase production, in addition to guaranteeing quality products.

We must keep in mind that quality is not just a well-finished product. Quality involves all processes, including the company’s administrative processes, such as choosing suppliers, managing people, controlling document issuance, etc.

AGE do Brasil, a cosmetics outsourcing company that serves the largest national brands, adopted in 2011 a software for quality management and, through it, managed to increase the involvement of its teams in search of quality, facilitating their job routines.

What is it that a software can do that spreadsheets cannot?

When companies are starting their activities, the use of a spreadsheet for the management of their processes is a very common alternative, and more affordable. However, over time, the spreadsheet files can become a headache for entrepreneurs. Especially when there is more than one person updating it, generating different versions of the same file, and making the tracking of who modified a file..

When specific software is adopted for this function, al users involved work simultaneously on a single file, without duplication, and with traceability of changes per user. The software also allows for stricter, more secure control in addition to providing a complete document report report.

EFILAB, an examination laboratory that works with Hospital do Coração in Balneário Camboriú (Brazil), adopted a quality management system and analyzes, on a monthly basis, how the tests performed by the laboratory are doing and managed to facilitate and optimize its processes.

Is it worth it to implement a software?

With greater investments focused on quality management, companies get less non-conformities, and are better evaluated in customer audits. Companies also start increasingly receiving larger orders. Which is the result of the acquired trust from suppliers, and the perceived quality.

A survey in the USA showed that, in 60 companies surveyed, those that had a greater focus on quality saved more than $ 300 million a year, compared to those that did not value these practices.

When is the best time to invest in management software?

The implementation of a quality management software is recommended for companies, which already have a quality control routine. For companies that have not yet defined a quality management system, whether or not they will adopt procedural standards. It is necessary to first make these definitions to later deploy the software, as this action requires investment and planning.

These are just a few points that demonstrate the real importance of companies adopting a complete and fully functional software, which allows them to see their activities as a whole, and relating them to obtain the best results.

Thatiana Sestrem


March 18, 2020

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