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How can a software help in managing tasks and priorities?

task management tool

It is not surprising to anyone that the time variable is extremely important for the success of a project. A venture that is not completed on time is synonymous of loss. For this reason, developing strategies to optimize time and ensure punctual deliveries is essential.

However, good intentions are not enough: efficient task management is essential, and software is the ideal tool to assist in this regard.

In this post, we highlight the importance of having a technological solution for minimizing delays and efficient management of priorities. Follow the following topics and understand how task management software can help your business!

Symptoms of lack of task management software

Many organizations suffer from poor task management without realizing that they can fix it simply.

The routine is a great offender in this sense, making the company see that the failure is in an external factor. So he continues to blame the team, attributing the failure to a specific event or even bad luck.

But this is not the case: if your company outlines any of these symptoms, it is time to employ task management software.

Teams without synergy

Misalignment between the teams greatly impairs the company’s overall performance. For example: what if the marketing team develops a campaign offering a product that still needs testing by the operations industry? Or if that same advertising mentions attributes that are not yet functional in the merchandise that is offered by the commercial department?

Without synergy between the teams, rework and corrections are imminent. But when tasks are integrated and planned using management software, the workflow is more fluid. This results in more integrated, productive and motivated teams.

Lack of priority in tasks

Another factor that seriously undermines productivity is the lack of order to tackle demands. When there is no control, the employees are more likely to follow their own instincts. What about the result? They end up leaving the most important thing for later.

A telephone company that, when receiving calls from important areas or customers, does not give due priority to these jobs, for example, is bound to fail.

Another example: a company that designs a project for which an activity is planned that requires the rental of expensive equipment. If the task involving the use of the equipment is not given due priority, the cost of the undertaking may be much higher than expected.

By not using task management software, the company employs much more management efforts. Furthermore, it runs the risk of bearing serious losses.

Poor customer relationship

The lack of task control directly reflects the company’s relationship with the customer. Without adequate controls, management is unable to have an overview of the demands. It is also unable to adequately manage the calls it receives.

Imagine receiving a call from the customer asking for the status of certain tasks, as well as the necessary changes. Without software, this report cannot be submitted, and requests can easily be overlooked. And you don’t want to generate future inconvenience and friction with a customer, do you?

The benefits of task management software

What may sound like expense at first, is reflected in one of the biggest investments for the company to improve results.

Among the numerous advantages, a task management software contributes to:

  • Encourage better communication in the company;
  • Make teams more productive;
  • Make the best use of available resources;
  • Improve communication with the customer.

Now that you know how software is key to a successful business, how about doing a free trial of our tool?


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Thatiana Sestrem


October 14, 2020

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