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17 de December de 2019

The true cost of QMS done in Excel

We performed a study with one of our logistics customers, where we were able to measure the true cost of quality management done in spreadsheets. Considering […]
20 de September de 2019

Three ways to control quality related documents (in compliance with ISO 9001:2015)

There are 3 ways to show good document control to be in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard:1) Create an operational procedure that describes the control […]
18 de September de 2019

Did you ever find the right definition for quality?

Well, I would say I’m yet to find a suitable definition for it. I am sure you are asking yourself how quality is defined in books […]
16 de September de 2019

New ISO Survey brings up controversy

Every year, ISO publishes a survey regarding the number of certifications issued worldwide.  The survey is usually released in mid-September, with the data from the previous […]