Indicators Module: Walking through the system – Genebra Quality

Indicators Module: Walking through the system

firs pint - tasks

On the my tasks scren you can see the upcoming tasks related to data collections and periodic analysis for your KPIs. This helps you keep your results always up to date and you will never miss a deadline!

second pint - click new kpi

To create new KPI, click on "New KPI".

third print - new kpi
The Data Collection Frequency and Analysis Frequency definitions are going to help you keep track and measure results. Based on those frequencies, Genebra will make your data collections and analysis much easier, and it will notify you about those tasks.

fourth print - click collect

Back on the home screen, we can click on a data collection task and then you will be redirected to the collection that needs to be done.

fifth print - insert data

Everytime you collect data, here is where you're going to insert it.

sixth print - analysis

Also you can register the analysis for the analysis periods defined in the KPI.

seventh print - line chart

The graph view allows you to better analyse your data. You can choose between bar and line charts.

eigth print - analysis bar chart

Clicking at any data collection point in the graph, it allows you to analyse or view the analysis for the analysis period related to this point.