Privacy Policy

Last updated, March 20, 2018

This website, hosted at (“website”) and the Genebra Software (“software”) are owned, maintained, and operated by Qualyteam Sistemas de Informática Ltda., an enterprise corporation limited, registered under CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities) No. 09.815.064/0001-15, based on 560 Quarta Avenue, Room 303, Centro, CEP 88330-110, in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina (“Qualyteam”). By using the software, the user fully accepts these privacy policies and also freely and expressly consents to Qualyteam collecting, using, storing and processing the client’s information, which will be necessary for the service offered to be provided in its entirety.

We recommend the whole text to be read carefully and, in case you do not agree with our terms and/or privacy policy content, do not proceed to browse or use our services. If you accept them, we further recommend that you save or print a copy of this contract, including all policies.


The present document was redacted and disclosed in 3/20/2018.

User privacy

All passwords are stored on the Qualyteam servers in encrypted form. Sensitive information is transferred following encryption protocols. When transmitting sensitive information, you should always ensure that your browser is able to validate the appropriate certificates.

Data collection

Information is collected on our platform as follows:

I. Information provided by you: We collect identification information, such as company data and information from the project manager, by form completion on our page. Eventually, depending on the services requested by the user, some information may be requested by Qualyteam through direct contact with customers, via e-mail, telephone connection or message delivery. Qualyteam holds no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of the data submitted by users.

II. Browsing Information: When you visit our website/software, cookies are inserted in your browser through the software to identify you in our system. Information such as IP address, geographic location, reference source, type of browser, duration of the visit and pages visited are collected. These access data are used for statistical purposes and for system improvement.

III. Contact History: Qualyteam stores information about all contacts previously made with our customers, such as content downloaded from our pages and interactions via e-mail, form completion or telephone.

Use of personal Information

This term allows Qualyteam to use your personal information for different purposes.

I. E-mail: It is used for slip submission operation, information, materials requested by the user, and general communication by Qualyteam.

II. Download Data: They may be used and disclosed in surveys and statistics in a generalized manner for system improvements, and no personal user information is openly disclosed to the public unless explicitly authorized by the customer.

III. Telephone: Qualyteam Representatives may contact users by telephone, either by calls or instant messaging, to research, present products, services and/or proposals, or whenever requested by the user, in case of any doubts.

IV. Company name, CNPJ, addresses, names of persons responsible, CPF: This information is used to identify the clients, to verify the legitimacy of the parties to contract, to research in public agencies and inspection and collection entities.

V. Location: Location data can be used to set the user’s default language, time zone, and statistical data.

VI. Brand: The user allows Qualyteam to disclose their brand as a customer. This authorization is given by agreeing with the Term of Acceptance presented at the time of contracting the services.

Sharing with partners: Your personal information will not be shared with partners, except in cases where sharing is necessary for the provision of service by Qualyteam, respecting the inviolability and secrecy of communications made on the Internet.

Only Qualyteam employees, agents, and members may have access to your personal information. Eventually, if the insertion of your information occurs in actions created in partnerships, the explicitly identified partners will also have access to the information. No personal information may be disclosed publicly, only in a generic manner. The only exception is when such information is required by court order.

Cancelling subscription or data alteration/deletion

I. Cancellation of e-mail subscription: You can choose not to receive any types of e-mails from Genebra or Qualyteam. In all emails we send, there is always a link to cancel the signature available in the last lines. By clicking this link, you will automatically be unsubscribed from the list. When filling out any form again, the reinsertion of your email and data to the list will be characterized. Therefore, the cancellation request must be made again if it is of interest to you.

II. Alteration or deletion of other information: At the end of the contract and the use of the service, the customer receives a backup with the data inserted in the software. Subsequently, all customer’s personal data is deleted from the platform. The statistical usage data remain indefinitely for the exclusive use of Qualyteam. To change your personal information or even delete them from our database, simply send us an email expressly requesting what you want to be done to [email protected]. Otherwise, the user agrees that Qualyteam will continue to storage and have access to your statistical usage data.

III. Access accounts cancellation by Qualyteam: In its sole discretion, Qualyteam may block, restrict, disable or prevent any user’s access to the website or software, in whole or partially, without prior notice, whenever inappropriate conduct and double access accounts are detected, without prejudice to the measures deemed appropriate.

IV. Access accounts cancellation by the user: The user who does not wish to continue using the tool must cancel the service via e-mail: [email protected]. It should be noted that even upon cancellation, the user must respect and comply with all contractual, legal, and financial obligations assumed up to that moment.


Qualyteam is committed to preserving the stability, security, and functionality of the network by means of technical measures compatible with international standards and by encouraging the use of best practices.

However, no service available on the Internet is fully guaranteed against illegal invasions. In cases where unauthorized third parties invade the system illegally, Qualyteam shall not be liable for damages caused by them.


All legal documentation of the software was drawn up in Portuguese, including these Privacy Policies.

In its sole discretion, Qualyteam may make translations of such documents available on the website, solely for a better user experience. The Portuguese version of these Privacy Policies and the Terms and Conditions of Use is the only one accepted by Qualyteam.

In case of any contradictions or divergences between the Portuguese version and any eventual translation into any other language, the Portuguese language version will always prevail.

Term and duration

The Privacy Policies and the Terms and Conditions of Use are of indefinite duration and will remain in effect for as long as the software is active.

Modifications to the privacy policies

Qualyteam may revise, modify and/or update any clauses or dispositions contained in these Privacy Policies or in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

The updated version will be effective for the software use after its disclosure by Qualyteam. Continued use or access to the website after the disclosure and acceptance of the modifications will confirm the validity of the new Terms and Conditions of Use or the new Privacy Policies by users. If the client does not agree with the modification, the relation with Qualyteam can be terminated.

However, this termination will not exempt the client from complying with all obligations undertaken under the previous versions of the Privacy Policies and the Terms and Conditions of Use.

General provisions

Qualyteam has a specific text to regulate the license of use, the rights, duties, warranties, and general provisions: the Terms and Conditions of Use. These specific terms are inseparably part of these Privacy Policies.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

The website/software is controlled, operated and managed by Qualyteam in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil, and can be accessed by any device connected to the Internet, regardless of its geographical location.

In view of the differences that may exist between local and national laws, when accessing the website/software, the user agrees that the applicable law for the purposes of these Privacy Policies shall be that in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Both Qualyteam and the user agree that the Central Forum in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina, Brazil, will be the only one competent to resolve any questions or controversies arising or resulting from the use of the website/software, expressly renouncing any other forums, however privileged it may be or will come to be.


Qualyteam provides service channels to receive all communications necessary to users. +55 47 3047-7300 by phone, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm (BRT), except for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. By e-mail to [email protected]

All requests must always come with the customer’s contact information so that we can finish the service. All contacts made by customers will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and Qualyteam will have up to 10 (ten) days to reply to them.