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Master List

Automated Master list

Have always the most recent versions of all files uploaded into Genebra. Do not waste time browsing through numerous spreadsheets, and never lose revisions of your documents.



Genebra automatically sends notifications to the responsible ones for elaboration, consensus, and approval tasks via email, syncing up with their Google Calendar. As soon as a document is published, all necessary people are notified.

With each change Genebra will update the files and remind users of their pending activities. You will also receive notifications when deadlines are close to expiring.


Customize your workflow

When creating a new document category, you can configure which steps the managed workflow should have, such as elaboration, consensus, and approval.


Revision history

Precise and meticulous control of quality documents, allowing access to revision history and to all previous versions created in the platform.


Define responsibles

In the software you can select the users who will be responsible for each action, and it will automatically notify them of their respective tasks, avoiding the need for you to move to another department, call, or send an email, just to notify them.

Prevent misplaced printed copies and lack of organization.
Create and manage quality documents online.

  • Easy workflow

    Facilitates the elaboration, revision and approval of documents.

  • Notifications

    Warns you when changes are made or a document expires.

  • Control

    Avoids delays in updates, loss and clutter with hard copies. 

  • History

    Access to revision history of quality documents, and all previous versions created on the platform. 

  • Permissions

    Control of access levels for viewing, printing and downloading documents. 

  • Text editor

    Create documents right in the system with the built-in text editor. 

The right answers to your QMS difficulties

Just access the “search” menu. Although the collaborator also has access to previous versions, Genebra Documents always directs the user to the latest version of the document. 

Genebra Documents assists the manager with controlling the maturity of documents. When an expiration date approaches, Genebra Documents sends an email alerting the employee that the document will expire. 

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