An easy way for decision makers
to collect and monitor key perfomance indicators.


Indicators for decision making

Improve your decision making process by monitoring, measuring, and reporting data in real time through KPI’s. 



Indicators can be updated automatically with direct data from your ERP, such as SAP, and Google Sheets.

A single tool to track performance
with focus on strategic objectives.

  • Accessibility

    All information in one place, and granted access from any device.

  • Notifications

    Notify those responsible for their respective actions

  • Speed

    Possibility to integrate the information with other systems, allowing automatically updated data without much effort.

  • Security

    Secure information on private servers with continuous backup copies.

  • Updates

    Keep those responsible for their pending actions informed with automatic email notifications

  • Graphs

    Have all your performances illustrated through graphs that are automatic generated by the system.

The right answers to your QMS difficulties

The ISO 9001: 2015 standard does not define which indicators are mandatory, but requires that customer satisfaction, internal audits and processes be measured and monitored. The terms “measurement and monitoring” do not imply the use of indicator charts specifically (they can be done through monthly reports, for example). If your company chooses to monitor with indicators, our software can make this work more practical, automatically alerting when there are delays or unmet goals, in addition to having a screen optimized for presentation in meetings and allowing the creation of indicators for all processes, areas or even business units.

If the target in the indicator is not reached, you must analyze it and, if necessary, you can open a non-conformity, according to what was defined by the company’s procedures. Genebra Indicators alerts those responsible when the goals are not achieved and allows the analysis to be recorded in the indicator itself, or to open a non-conformity.

It is common for employees not to remember to record the results of the performance indicators within the defined deadlines. It is also not uncommon for managers to forget to do the necessary analysis. Genebra Indicators reduces the chances of this occurring, automatically notifying those responsible and managers by e-mail.

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