A uncomplicated way to track deadlines, manage responsibles,
and gather information in one place.


Effortless corrective actions

You can use a tool like 5W2H for corrective actions plan, and the software notifies those responsible for implementing their tasks on time. Other activities such as cause analysis, treatment and effectiveness are also notified to those responsible by email. 


Transparency in execution

Monitor in real time the implementation of planned actions, and obtain information through reports of non-conformities. As well as showing the actions completed through attachments and or comments recorded in the action plan, facilitating the control of those involved. 


QMS dashboard

Accessible information and visual reading of progress reports. Constantly upgradable dashboard with useful and meaningful data for quality management system performance verification. Quickly visualize the situation of NCRs to make decisions about tasks and delays.

Make NCR forms accessible to everyone,
with an online and easier registering method.

  • Notifications

    With automatic notifications you do not have to keep reminding people about their tasks yourself. 

  • Analysis

    With the 5 Whys tool in the software, you can find the root cause of an NCR and register it for everyone on the team. 

  • Effectiveness

    Analyze the effectiveness verifying if the implemented actions were satisfactory. 

  • Control

    Edit, postpone deadlines, select responsible people, notify key people, in a practical way through the software. All actions are saved and can be consulted by the team.

  • Microsoft AI

    Auto detection of similar nonconformities through Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence. 

  • Search

    Search system for NCRs with intelligent filters, such as by creator, date, process status, and corrective action data. 

  • NC cost

    Assess the cost of a nonconformity, set goals and seek to reduce costs. 

  • Corrections

    Facilitate corrections by defining actions, responsible users, and deadlines. 

  • Teamwork

    Having all documents in one place allows teams to always work with updated information inside the platform. 

The right answers to your QMS difficulties

With Nonconformities you distribute tasks to the team and set deadlines to complete them. Pending tasks are sent to the email of those involved and, in case of delay in execution, the superior also receives a notification that an activity has not yet been carried out. Monitoring is constant and in real-time. 

Many occurrences do not require treatment with cause analysis or action plan. Cause analysis is indicated when a problem of an unknown cause occurs. Nonconformities allows each company to define and determine when cause analysis and action plans are mandatory. In addition, Nonconformities guides the company to meet the ISO 9001 standard requirements. 

With Nonconformities it is possible to control in real time the actions of the whole team, comments and evidence. The dashboard has graphics that show where there are more non-conformities and where there is greater difficulty in solving problems. 

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