Manage risks and opportunities in an intuitive digital platform
with information and control in real time.

Heat maps

Personalized calculations

Through heat maps, you can calculate the probability and impact of risks according to your need, bringing a more strategic view to your business.

Responsible users

Assign users to collect and analize data

By determining responsible users for different tasks within a process, you can better manage each step of the risk treatment, reduce miscommunication between the team and centralize information on a single platform.


Involve your team

With automatic notifications, the team is kept up to date on all deadlines and pending activities to be performed at each stage, facilitating the organization and engaging the team as a whole.


Action plans

Have an effective action plan using tools like 5w2h and 5w and follow all strategic and operational actions involving risk management.

A simple environment for complicated matters.
Genebra helps you keep information integrated and organized at all stages of the process.

  • Determination

    Determine who is responsible for each step in the process, including risk identification and analysis, as well as treatment and verification. Set deadlines for each activity, improving team communication.

  • Notifications

    Automatically notify the entire team by e-mail about pending activities and deadlines, enhancing the treatment of risks.

  • Treatment

    Have structured action plans based on tools like 5w2h and 5w to reach your goals.

  • Full experience

    Centralize all actions related to the treatment of risks in a single environment, avoiding loss of information.

  • Search engine

    Use smart search to quickly find data such as type of risk treatment, origin, ongoing actions, responsible or implemented opportunities.

  • Efficacy

    Have in a single system all risks mapped and organized, anticipating possible non-conformities and facilitating your organization’s quality management.

Answers to your questions regarding risk management

Thought based on essential risks to achieve an effective quality management system. In order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard, an organization needs to plan and implement actions to address risks and opportunities. Addressing both risks and opportunities provides a basis for increasing the effectiveness of the quality management system, achieving better results and preventing negative effects. It ensures the quality of products and services, increasing customer satisfaction. Each organization has to identify planning and acting on risks and opportunities that are relevant to the achievement of the expected results of the management system.

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